Web Video in Numbers

Web video is often used as a source of data in various fields of study. While specialized subsets of web video, mainly earmarked for dedicated purposes, are often analyzed in detail, there is little information available about the properties of web video as a whole. In this paper we present insights gained from the analysis of the metadata associated with more than 120 million videos harvested from two popular web video platforms, vimeo and YouTube, in 2016 and compare their properties with the ones found in commonly used video collections. This comparison has revealed that existing collections do not (or no longer) properly reflect the properties of web video "in the wild".


We provide the the paper as well as the data used for the analysis as Postgres database backup files. You can find the download below.


Below you find a selection of the plots generated from the collected data. For more information please refer to the paper.

Relative daily video uploads

Relative daily video uploads (only vimeo and YouTube)

Video duration

Video duration (cumulative)

Distribution of Video Resolution

Occurence of Video Resolution

Distribution of Views per Video in YouTube

Distribution of Views per Video in YouTube (cumulative)