VBS'23: Marine Video Kit

As announced on the VBS website, for the 2023 installment of VBS, in addition to V3C1 and V3C2 a new dataset called Marine Video Kit (MVK) will be used. The VBS version of the dataset is available for download (see link below). The difference between the original and published dataset (see citation section below) is, that for VBS we require unique filenames as IDs for the videos. They ahve been produced in such a way that the ID of a video is FOLDER_VIDEO.EXTENSION, where FOLDER corresponds to foldernames in the original dataset, e.g. Tulamben_Jun2022 and VIDEO.EXTENSION to the video filename, e.g. 0100.mp4. Metadata names were adjusted accordingly.

Download Version: Nov 21, 2022 Note: in this version are missing videos and thumbnails (see issues). Next iteration will be live earliest Nov 22, 2022 18:00h CET

Do not use this snapshot for anything else as the VBS'23.

Issues with the Dataset

If there are problems with the VBS snapshot of the dataset, add an issue, so we can tackle them and other VBS teams are aware of them.

General questions regarding the dataset should be addressed to the authors directyl, see the citation section below.



Please refer to the following bibtex entry for citing the dataset: Note: the DOI will be added as soon as available

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Evaluation Server and MVK: Submisisons

VBS will again use DRES as evaluation server. In order to submit a frame from the new MVK dataset, use the filename as itemname, as follows: https://vbs.videobrosing.org/api/v1/submit?item={ITEM}&timecoe={TIMECODE} Where Further information can be found in the README of DRES.